Our vision


Here at Paperitif, we make a good team which is characterized by several years' experience in business activities. We are well-informed in the market and aspire to use our knowledge in order to promote the way of living in harmony with nature.

Sounds unbelievable?
It isn't...

After all, we are all consumers. Plastic is omnipresent. Packagings, carrier bags, straws, toys, and the list goes on and on. However, we can say: stop. It won't stop the mass-production of plastic, but it can contribute to raising the awareness of the consumers who more and more frequently reach for alternative solutions.

We've decided to be a part of this change and by responding to the growing public demand for an alternative to plastic straws, came up with a solution which is not harmful to the environment and our health – paper straws.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us. Let's become business partners.

That is why we offer paper straws.

Contact us and let's become business partners.

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We save the planet
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Our vision

The green, eco-conscious movement was the underlying idea behind founding Paperitif. We believe in and live by the zero waste and sustainable development principles, but we are not extremists. Our paper straws were created with conscious and well-informed consumers in mind and to mitigate the negative impacts of substances which are harmful to the environment.
Do you recognize the anti-smoking slogan "smoking kills"? Of course, you do. Let's paraphrase it. Plastic kills. It kills planet Earth. But surely you already know that. In the era of eco-revolution, it's hard to ignore it.

3 million

That's the number of plastic straws used in Poland alone. Everyday. 1.2 billion per year. 36.4 billion on the European scale. Do you want more? A team of Australian scientists estimates that there are up to 8.3 billion plastic straws scattered on global coastlines. This data collection is scary. It obliges us, as the people of Earth, to take action so as to save our planet. In order to prevent the pollution of seas, oceans, lakes, forests, and soil.

The change starts in our heads

Sometimes steps as smallest as giving up plastic straws, bags, and containers, but taken in the right direction, can end up having a great influence for the environment.
Great changes are undergone with the help of politicians, organizations, and foundations. We, as Paperitif, would like to join. That's why we've chosen straws. And that's why they are made of paper.
We believe that thanks to alternative solutions such as our paper straws, customer awareness is being raised.




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